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Mobile light walls

Thanks to their compact design, the mobile light walls are the ideal entry-level model for professional lighting of high-gloss painted surfaces. This variant is used, for example, at workstations where good ceiling lighting is already available. The ceiling lighting is already in place and only the vertical vehicle surfaces need to be illuminated. The two integrated rotary dimmers on the back allow the warm and cold light LEDs to be dimmed separately to create different lighting scenarios.

Mobile Lightwalls 45°

The mobile 45° light wall models are the perfect lighting module for efficient and high quality painting. Unlike the basic models, the folding 45° light walls can also be used to illuminate horizontal surfaces such as the hood and roof. They are also often used to illuminate individually painted body panels and dents. These light walls are also controlled by the rear mounted dimmers.

Finish Station

The Visomax Finish Station is a user-oriented product. It equally combines aesthetics, efficiency, quality and occupational safety. The modular conceptualized system keeps the workplace clean and allows an easy and ergonomic handling of the attached tools.

The Visomax Finish Station has solid swivel castors that enable an easy and fast re-location to a new workplace if needed.