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Visomax EP-Controller

The Visomax EP-Controller (EP= Electric Phase) is a computer controlled system for a measure-oriented process control of 24VDC sanding and polishing tools. The worker will be informed about the best cycle for the process by a synchronized interruption of power.

The EP-Controller and numerous additional features support a precise control of conventional electric tools and a stabilization of the sanding and/or polishing process.

The keyword Industry 4.0 is served by the process transparency offered by the EP controller.

Your advantages:

  • Strict compliance of the process periods
  • Stabilization of the surface quality
  • Cost registration per polishing spot
  • Registration of the amount of work
  • Homogeneous process standards
  • Increase of the process discipline
  • Saving of energy costs
  • Reduction of consumables
  • Reduction of post-processing and client’s complaints

–> Transparent and calculable Finish at the highest level

Here you can download the presentation with all important details about the EP-Controller.