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Industry Lyon I from 5th to 8th March 2019 Visomax Coating GmbH and its importer SGI Spray Gun Import present the VISOBOT UNIT VBU – P. Our fair theme hit the mark! Our team was mostly welcomed by „Hey Scotty, beam me up!“, since we wear uniforms a similar to the Star Trek Show and our booth was designed like a space shuttle’s bridge.
We proudly present our new two colleagues in the Coat-Finishing-Department „Visobot VBU – Polish“ and „Visobot VBU – Highgloss“

Considering the times of elevating volumes combined with little quantities in the field of components (spoiler, etc.) the coat finishing is getting more significant for automotive suppliers (TIER 1, TIER 2). In order to take this into account and to ensure a stable and transparent process, also considering industry 4.0, we started to look differently onto painted surfaces. Since we are specialists and a supplier for system solutions in the field of coat finishing, this was our basic intention to integrate the automation into these processes. The result of the development done by our robotic engineers are our two robot cells „Visobot VBU – Polish“ and „Visobot VBU – Highgloss“. This solution makes it easy for planners in production plants to get clear and transparent access to these processes and, in this way, being able to face the  new challenges.

The „Visobot VBU – Polish“ is just one of our polishing cells, its counterpart is our „Visobot VBU – High Gloss“ of the PrometoolZ Series.

The fair visitors were impressed by the fast and stable polishing of the sanding spots in rigid time periods.
We did not only present the polishing cell, at the booth there were also shown our wide range of electric and pneumatic tools as well as our importer’s SGI painting accessories of the brand “SATA”. Naturally, an explanation of the technical advantages were included.
A further highlight of the fair was the presentation of our prototype. With this tool the worker is able to fix the component (spoiler, etc.) in a stable way to comply the necessary steps during the paint finishing.  All visitors of TIER1 and TIER2 recognized the time saver having this possibility to fix a component. Further advantages are save working, reduction of time for post-treatment as well as a minimization of the risk to damage the painted surface (blows) of the component while finishing it. All steps of this treatment can be done by one worker and in a single process – from detecting defects until the polishing.  The component pick-up can be adjusted to the required working height (height of the worker), it can be flexibly inclined and turned around so defects can be detected in the most optimum way. As soon as the defect is found, the component will be locked in this exact angle and the defect can be perfectly treated.
The Industry Lyon was a full success for us. We are looking forward to seeing you at the next fair – we will keep you informed about future exhibits, just click here Your Visomax Coating Team