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Sustainability at Visomax


Sustainability is not a trend for us!

As an internationally operating company, we are aware that we have a responsibility to the environment. We give everything to enable efficient, sustainable and healthy work processes.

It is important to us to continuously improve and to contribute to the environment and climate protection.

We are guided by the three-pillar model and take social, economic and ecological measures.


Manufacturing on site
Machines and machine components are additively manufactured with our 3D printers. In addition, our in-house machine manufacture develops and produces our machines directly in Waldbüttelbrunn.

Resource-saving production

We attach great importance to lean production, i.e. we avoid unnecessary overproduction by only producing as much as is really in demand. Quality is our top priority, which is why our products also convince through their longevity.

Environmentally friendly packaging

We pay attention to environmentally friendly packaging, for this we use CO2 neutral filling material made of corn starch, this is 100% sustainable, compostable and reusable.