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Benelux Hondekop – Visomax helps with historic train restoration

The Dutch foundation “Stichting Hondekop” has a mission. A historic train is to be restored and finally brought back from the siding after a long period of disuse. We are talking about the “Benelux Hondekop”. It owes this name to the front of the railcar, which resembles a dog’s head. Since the late 1950s, twelve examples of the train have been in service on the route between Amsterdam and Brussels. Thirty years later, eleven of them were scrapped. Thus, the twelfth has long been the last of its kind.

In 2015, the Stichting Hondekop fulfilled a dream by acquiring the train from the Belgian railroads and a short time later shipped the unique specimen from Leuven (Belgium) to Roosendaal (Netherlands). Currently, some dedicated volunteers are busy restoring the Hondekop and can rely on our support. Our Dutch partner Techvice is providing the Visomax sandinators, HP-Sanding Discs and vacuum cleaners with dust protection class M, which will ensure in the old workshop in Roosendaal that the Benelux Hondekop can soon be back on the rails.

Mein perfektes Finish

May 05, 2021

It shines and sparkles on the photo entries of our winners! ✨ Congratulations to Fabian Kühnle for winning a Sandinator ESX05, Alexander Zauner for winning the Polinator EPR00 and Felix Wießmann for winning a polishing carrier. All three delivered a perfect finish. We would like to thank all the other participants and entries for taking part!


Our "spongy matter" was delivered

December 18, 2020

Today we look back with joy on our sweepstakes and are still overwhelmed that so many participated and that our prizes could make some new owners happy.  Above you can see some of the ten winners who are now polishing with our Polinator EPR00, the polishing compound PS209 and the colorful sponges from our new Finish³System.

Visomax wishes the winners of the set lots of fun with them and a Christmas season that runs just as smoothly as their new polinators.

Surface finish 4.0

April 06, 2020 I Journal for Surface Technology

Complex production planning, high volumes and low batch sizes – automotive manufacturers and suppliers are under pressure. A new two-stage polishing process enables grinding removal and high-gloss polishing in one robotic cell. This improves the finish and saves production space.

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Industrie Lyon I 05th to 08th March 2019 Ι Visomax

Visomax Coating GmbH presents in cooperation with our
importor SGI Spray Gun Import the VISOBOT UNIT VBU – P.

Our fair trade theme hit the mark. Our team was mostly welcomed by „Hey Scotty, beam me up!“, since we wore similar uniforms from the Star Trek Show and our booth was designed like the space shuttle’s bridge …read more


Rolls-Royce also purchases in Waldbüttelbrunn

December 10th, 2018 Ι Main Post

If the patient has holes, the dentist drills, grinds or polishes them. The more hidden the caries is, the more complicated the procedure becomes. A car paint can also have more or less visible damage – a scratch, a so-called orange peel or the smallest dust inclusions.

If such an offender spreads between base coat and clear coat, the company Visomax Coating from Waldbüttelbrunn comes into play. With their products, the painted bodies are treated in a similar way to teeth – apart from drilling. “In principle, almost everything at Visomax revolves around sanding and polishing painted high-gloss surfaces,” says Markus Schick, one of the four shareholders of Visomax… read more