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Innovative System Solution
for Automated Surface Inspection of Freeform Surfaces

Precise Surface Inspection with Efficiency and Reliability

Discover our new, innovative technology for precise capture and analysis of freeform surfaces. Our system combines state-of-the-art line cameras with special technology lighting, mounted on a 6-axis robot. Through a specially designed system holder, we ensure optimal alignment for error-free surface structure capture.


Optimized Processes and Error Correction

Thanks to an integrated marking pen, detected defects on the coated surface can be marked or even directly sanded by replacing the pen with a sander. Typical defects such as dust injections, scratches, and paint impurities are reliably detected.

Versatile Applications

Our system is specially designed for automated surface inspection of coated components, parts, and freeform surfaces. It offers a wide range of applications, both in preparation and post-processing of manufacturing processes.


Innovative Technology for Your Needs

We offer precise surface control with effective error correction and process optimization through our system solution. Benefit from a new era of automated surface inspection, tailored to your requirements in craftsmanship and industry.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Ergonomic and eye-friendly work for your employees
  • Consistent stability and objective classification of defects
  • Time, space, and cost savings through optimized processes and component use
  • Possible defect tracking for complaint purposes and error analysis
  • Constant cycle times for optimal employee deployment and better production planning
  • Optional 2-in-1 system: surface inspection + error correction through grinding
  • Image processing directly on the controller, no additional external computing power required

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