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We have reworked and simplified our existing foam pad concept.


To make processes more stable and faster. The last few months and the extraordinary situation have shown us that every minute is important. After all, time is money.

Green, yellow and red are the new colours of the foam pads. Every colour has to accomplish a certain job –  deliver reliable and fast results.


The newly developed polishing pad concept complements the range of existing Visomax color codes. Among them the polishes and our Ø 20 mm and Ø 30 mm backup pads.

The new foam pads are available in 3 different densities.

RED Highly abrasive polishing pad with reticulated, open-cell foam structure. Maximum service life with high abrasion.

YELLOW Universal polishing pad of medium density. The open-cell structure of the foam is ideal for paint preparation with optimum service life.

GREEN Very fine and soft polishing pad. Thanks to the open-cell foam, this pad is ideally suited for high-gloss and final finish applications.


For an excellent polishing result, you need coordinated products. To achieve the maximum result you can download our finish recommendations.

On request, an application technician will also be glad to contact you and advise you on-site, by phone, or via video chat.


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Five experts put the new system through its paces. Get convinced of the results with this video.


PS935-050-4912-15   (Polierschwamm grün, soft, Ø50/15 mm, offenzellig, konisch)

PS935-050-5012-15   (Polierschwamm rot, hart, Ø50/15 mm, offenzellig, konisch)

PS935-050-5112-15   (Polierschwamm gelb, medium, Ø50/15 mm, offenzellig, konisch)


PS935-080-4912-25 (Polierschwamm grün, soft, Ø80/25 mm, offenzellig, konisch)

PS935-080-5012-25 (Polierschwamm rot, hart, Ø80/25 mm, offenzellig, konisch)

PS935-080-5112-25 (Polierschwamm gelb, medium, Ø80/25 mm, offenzellig, konisch)


PS970-125-4912-30 (Polierschwamm grün, soft, Ø125/30 mm, offenzellig, konisch, Innenloch)

PS970-125-5012-30 (Polierschwamm rot, hart, Ø125/30 mm, offenzellig, konisch, Innenloch)

PS970-125-5112-30 (Polierschwamm gelb, medium, Ø125/30 mm, offenzellig, konisch, Innenloch)

PS970-163-4912-30 (Polierschwamm grün, soft, Ø163/30 mm, offenzellig, konisch, Innenloch)

PS970-163-5012-30 (Polierschwamm rot, hart, Ø163/30 mm, offenzellig, konisch, Innenloch)

PS970-163-5112-30 (Polierschwamm gelb, medium, Ø163/30 mm, offenzellig, konisch, Innenloch)