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New colleagues for the paint finish by Visomax

Top Story I 23.04.2019 Ι Magazin für Oberflächentechnik I Created by CB

Faster, more efficient and saving resources by the automatization of the sensible finishing process with robot cells. The robotic support allows to reach reproducible results and relieves the workers at the same time… read more 




Industrie Lyon I 05th to 08th March 2019 Ι Visomax

Visomax Coating GmbH presents in cooperation with our
importor SGI Spray Gun Import the VISOBOT UNIT VBU – P.

Our fair trade theme hit the mark. Our team was mostly welcomed by „Hey Scotty, beam me up!“, since we wore similar uniforms from the Star Trek Show and our booth was designed like the space shuttle’s bridge …read more


Rolls-Royce also purchases in Waldbüttelbrunn

December 10th, 2018 Ι Main Post

If the patient has holes, the dentist drills, grinds or polishes them. The more hidden the caries is, the more complicated the procedure becomes. A car paint can also have more or less visible damage – a scratch, a so-called orange peel or the smallest dust inclusions.

If such an offender spreads between base coat and clear coat, the company Visomax Coating from Waldbüttelbrunn comes into play. With their products, the painted bodies are treated in a similar way to teeth – apart from drilling. “In principle, almost everything at Visomax revolves around sanding and polishing painted high-gloss surfaces,” says Markus Schick, one of the four shareholders of Visomax… read more



Lackiererblatt Advent calendar

December 1st, 2018

A little door every day, take a look at the Lackiererblatt Advent Calendar. Behind each door a surprise… maybe also a surprise from Visomax? read more



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ArtiMinds Case Story

October 29, 2018


Based in Waldbuettelbrunn, Germany, Visomax Coating GmbH is specialized in surface finish processes

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Visomax presents electric tools

September 2, 2016.

Visomax Coating GmbH is a leading system provider for grinding and polishing processes in the automotive industry and its suppliers. Over the past ten years, the company has acquired expertise in the field of hand-held pneumatic machines and since 2009 has marketed its own series under the registered trademark PrometoolZ… read more