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HP-Soft Discs

Polishable surfaces are very important to us!

Our High Performance Soft Discs with grains P3000, P4000 and P5000 enable an optimum sanding result. They refine common structures and ensure a homogeneous and consistent sanding pattern.


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We have reworked and simplified our existing pad concept.

Why? To make processes more stable and faster.

Green, yellow and red are the new colors of the pads. Each color has a job to do – produce reliable and fast results.

Discover our new Finish³System more information.


Art. N° PS209C

Our polish PS209C shows its best form.

The ratio of cut and gloss is excellently balanced. This way the polishing is done nearly by itself.

Despite the higher cut, the results are continuously brilliant. We would like to emphasize especially the uncompromising speed at that the process is completed.

For the perfect finishPS209C gets to the heart of this motto.

PS209C is available in the packaging sizes 500 ml,  5 L & 1 Gallone.

Art. N° PZ600-I-00-NV-10

The rotary-type!

The new Polinator EPR00 is the perfect solution for the professional user and for an excellent polishing result.

Sandinator Cordless Series

Small. Powerful. Silent.

The cordless sander from our PrometoolZ family convinces with its perfect handling due to its short design. it is easy to operate working overhead and at areas that are difficult to access.


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Finish Station for compressed air

Art. N°: PZ-MLW-ECO-45-WS06

Our hybrid!

The Light Wall contains all the magnificent features like the Standard Finish Station and additionally offers compressed air connections.

But the best of it is – the Finish Station can be reconfigured for electric tools by a mounted power supply. This is the maximum of flexibility.

Download here the free Finish Station_Flyer.

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Sanding Station

Art. N° PZ-VC-K-25-E-TR

Get to know our Sanding Station. You can store your tools easily at the lateral sides and you will have it within reach at any time. Additionally, you can stow the AbraxX sanding discs at both sides of the perforated plate.