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Finish Station LED

Finish Station LED

The Visomax Finish Station is a user-oriented product. It equally combines aesthetics, efficiency, quality and occupational safety. The modular conceptualized system keeps the workplace clean and allows an easy and ergonomic handling of the attached tools.

The Visomax Finish Station has solid swivel castors that enable an easy and fast re-location to a new workplace if needed.
All components used at the Visomax Finish Station have been designed, developed and put together in a sensible way for the designated area of application which is the surface finish.

The innovative LED grit light in particular is equipped with two different colour temperatures to ensure optimized light conditions at the workplace. They enormously improve the lighting conditions of the finish area in each paint shop and allow a fast and effective visual localisation of the surface defects by the operator.

Our used materials are of high-quality and meet all requirements of a mobile finish workstation for surface corrections. They fit harmoniously together, making the Finish Station a unique product in the category body and paint.

Advantages of LED Finish Station


  • Professional illumination of painted surfaces
  • Increase of surface quality
  • Reduction of customer complaints
  • Reduction of the rework rate
  • Resource-saving material and energy consumption
  • Individually adjustable lighting scenarios for different object colors
  • Increased work safety due to low trip hazards
  • Centralized power supply for all tools
  • Tidiness & cleanliness at the workplace

Further Information

1x Polinator 15,0 mm offset, electric polisher, orbital (Art. N° PZ600-I-150-NV-10)
1x Electric Nib Sander, oscillating (Art. N° PZ850-A-30-NV-8)
1x Electric Polisher, orbital (Art. N° PZ600-E-140-NV-8)
1x Tool support incl. socket (for the Polinator)
2x Tool carrier for the Nib Sander and Polisher
1x Cord rewind for 10 m connection cable
2x Curly cable (Art. N° PZ005-6FS)
1x Backup-Pad Ø 30 mm, yellow, medium, adhesive (Art. N° PZ030-532-172)
1x Backup-Pad Ø 30 mm, yellow, medium, velcro (Art. N° PZ030-532-174)
1x Foam Pad Ø 152 mm, green, soft, (Art. N° PS970-125-4912-30)
1x Foam Pad Ø 152 mm, yellow, medium (Art. N° PS970-125-5112-30)
1x Foam Pad Ø 152 mm, red, hard (Art. N° PS970-125-5012-30)
1x Foam Pad Ø 80 mm, green, soft (Art. N° PS935-080-4912-25)
1x Foam Pad Ø 80 mm, yellow, medium (Art. N° PS935-080-5112-25)
1x Foam Pad Ø 80 mm, red, hard (Art. N° PS939-080-5012-25)

Art. N° PZ-MLW-ECO-45-WSL01
Width 950 mm
Depth 800 mm
High 2260
Folded dimensions 1830 mm
Weight incl. tool cabinet 100 kg
Swivel castors 2
Swivel castors (with brakes) 2
Mains connection 230 V/AC, 50 Hz
Top illuminant 4 x 10 W
Bottom illuminant 4 x 32 W
Power 186 W
Socket at the tool cabinet 1500 W (max.)
Protection class IP54
Dimmable yes
Color rendering level 80 . 89 (class 1B)
Color temperature 3000 K & 6500 K