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Visomax is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year … what moments are stuck in your head when you think back to the beginning?

That´s an interesting question! Our approach at that time was certainly not a suitable prime example for the “how to start a company – category”. Our start was mainly based on self-initiative, chance encounters and the simple approach “braving the gap”. To be honest, we didn’t have a business plan … we decided based on the situation, seized opportunities as they arose and provided support where our later customers couldn’t find any other solutions on the world market. –  Marco Petermüller

Highlights for us in the early days were the presentations of our finish system at the time with premium automobile manufacturers such as Rolls Royce or Aston Martin … these moments were certainly unique and are still very present today. The astonishing finding for us was to experience, at the beginning of the company’s history, that our system was competitive and very often superior to the leading systems on the market at that time. – Andreas Götz

If you look back over the past few years with the knowledge of today … would you do everything in the same way again and why?

When I look back at the development of our company … how many interesting personalities have been a part of our team, how many different departments we have built up in recent years and how many products we have developed and launched together … my answer to the question is “Yes”… yes, I would do everything in the same way again. – Markus Schick

This is a hypothetical question and cannot be answered with “yes of course” or a firm “no of course not”. There are many things that have absolutely been done in the right way and worked out well in the past. If you look at these things individually, it will be easy to say “I would do it again in just the same way” … finally the things that went wrong moved us forward. The trick is to learn from failures … come up with the right conclusions and keep growing based on them.  – Andreas Götz

How does Visomax stand out in the market? What makes Visomax Coating so unique?

I see the biggest difference compared to many market companions in the way our team is built. The capital of Visomax is our employees … and that is what awards us. Together with them, we have successfully mastered the market challenges over the past 20 years and we will continue to do so as a team. – Andreas Götz

We have the great advantage of being able to incorporate a comprehensive, unique and well-founded expertise in the areas of the pre- or post-processing of painted surfaces and transfer those directly into our products and our consulting work. Over the years, we have developed a company that has established a leading position in our market especially for the industrial process developments. – Marco Petermüller

What do you wish for the future of Visomax Coating?

My wish is that we keep successfully working as a team, that our product development but also our company development will never come to a stop and that we will also be able to keep relying on our employees in the future. Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all former and current employees as well as the two partners who left the company in the past, Mr. Thull and Mr. Stützer … without you, the company would not be where it is today. Thank you and to the next 20 years of Visomax. – Markus Schick

I would like our company would continue to provide a framework to our employees in which they can grow, develop and feel comfortable … and this automatically transmits on our customers. The operational and strategic decisions that we made in the last two years guarantee a steady growth for the upcoming years … and I am pretty sure that the company will continue to act as a stable, reliable, competent and sympathetic partner in the market as it has done up till now. – Marco Petermüller