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From the foundation to the Finish – a little company history

How come the name “Visomax”?


The hour of birth of our company’s name was in 2003. On the way to a developing partner in Belgium one of the founders, Ralf Thull, had the idea to name the company “Visomax”.

Since getting day by day VISually the MAXimum actually mattered to us from the very beginning, this suggestion was accepted immediately and unanimously. The Omega in our logo is more to us than just the last letter of the Greek alphabet. It also presents the final touch. As it is well known, the best comes last. Therefore, for 18 years now, we are seeking for the perfect finish!

From the vision to the own polish


The name was found, the concept was still in process. After having dealt with coatings for glass and polycarbonate, the excitement for the treatment of paint irritations and scratches on painted surfaces grew fast.

Polishing was no problem for us, sanding neither. The products of these time that were available for the market did not convince us, but we were convinced that we could do better than the competitors. Soon, the founders Andreas Götz, Marco Petermüller and Ralf Thull did what’s classic and tested, improved and developed polishes in the own garage.

A new shareholder brings light to the dark


Soon, the name “Visomax” were doing the rounds in the sector and with increasing popularity not only remarkable customers joined us as there were Rolls-Royce Motorcars, Aston Martin or Lotus, but new co-workers.

With his technical know-how, Markus Schick brought the topic “light” onto the in-house table. Electric current and circuit diagrams were no longer new ground and we could start designing lighting systems for production lines, paint shops and vehicle preparation.

Robot cells and additive production


The following ten years showed us how difficult it is to get us satisfed. We developed own electric tools that still are produced in our in-house manufacture. After having moved from Zellingen to Waldbüttelbrunn in 2016 we not only had more space available, we also increased our staff.

This was the start for co-workers for the CAD and robotic department at Visomax that paved the way for another highlight of our product range – robots that can sand and polish automatically surfaces.

If you want to have more visual impressions from the last 18 years of Visomax, please have a look into our photo gallery!

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